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Contact Us

Contact Us

Office Address
2150 N. Josey Ln. Ste. 204
Carrollton, TX 75006

Office Phone

Office Fax

Office Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 11am-4pm
Tuesday: 1pm-6pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 1pm-6pm
Friday: 11am-4pm
Saturday: Closed

Office Manager
Alma Giron

Office Staff
Ruth Castro

League Directors

Under 4 & Under 5 League Director
Stephanie Ruzima

Under 10 League Director
Marla Wilson

Under 6 League Director
Ricky Ramirez

Under 11 League Director
Abbie Sherman

Under 7 League Director
Julia Daniel

Under 12 League Director
Megan Lemon

Under 8 League Director
Lorena Whittington

Under 13 League Director
Stacey Homan

Under 9 League Director
Oscar Soares

Under 14 - Under 19 League Director
Kelly Mellor

Executive Board

Daniel Sawyers

Vice President of Full Sided Divisions
Acting Vice President of Small Sided Divisions

​​​​Megan Lemon

Alan Lewis

Lester Guidry

Immediate Past President
Tommy Ellis